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Archive for January, 2011

Touted as stronger than previous models, the iPhone 4 still suffers from the weakness of any glass object and that is shattering, scratching, and cracking, perhaps from a tiny bit of miss use (you know who you are). Why is it though that the iPhone 4 front glass and/or LCD costs so much more to repair than the iPhone 3G and 3Gs? And does it blend? Well in reverse order, yes it blends, and as for the expense read on.

Yes, being a new product the parts are still more expensive than current iPhone repairs due to the Gods of supply and demand.  A larger difference though is due to the make up of the front glass itself which is coupled with the LCD as a complete part. Quoting the technical team at a Sydney repair centre “Where as the 3G and 3Gs had a separate glass digitiser (touch component) and LCD the iPhone 4 is much like the 2G in that the front glass and LCD are glued together”. They further impart their knowledge “Although there are kits that allow for replacement of the iPhone 4 glass without the LCD we offer these repairs with the complete assembly for a higher quality and longer lasting repair. Also we don’t see how spending an hour carefully trying to remove the glass and LCD is going to save anyone any money in the end and you’re most likely going to break something doing it that way too”.  Sounds like a dollar of common sense to me.

So what is the magic glass on the iPhone 4 that reacts to my soft caresses? The front glass is made of aluminosilicate glass which is basically normal glass combined with aluminium oxides to aid in scratch resistance and overall strength. The quality of this mixture is why the iPhone response is so good compared to cheaper imitations. There were some rumours of the iPhone 4 using Gorilla Glass (which, though touted as nearly unbreakable, it does in fact break, just ask some confuddled Dell Streak owners) but this is not the case. The LCD itself is also not a cheap component as is basically a purpose built HD LCD which is claimed to be a retina display though the jury is still deciding on the exact definition of how and why and if it is a true retina display. By gluing this front glass to the LCD itself basically means that both need replacing as a complete assembly, adding to the overall costs, and adding to the chance down the track of not repairing your iPhone 4 and instead getting an iPhone Gamma (likely to be released July 2012; the rumours start here).

It is expected for iPhone 4 front glass repair prices to decrease, however, as with the 2G, the more expensive part will likely keep a higher level than current 3Gs glass repairs. Our advice? Get a good iPhone 4 cover, try to look after the phone, and always keep the phone away from any potential drop zones and blenders.

Avg Cost of Front Glass & LCD iPhone Repairs From Around Sydney (proper repair centres not Dodgy Davis/Travis/Elvis etc)

2G – front glass and LCD, if available $195, only one place offered same day

3G and 3Gs – $100 for either LCD or front glass, $145 for both LCD and front glass, 30 min-1 hour service.

iPhone 4 – front glass and LCD, $225 for same day, some places offering around $50 off but 3-5 day wait.

Just a reminder that the new year holiday falls on the 3rd of January. Although we will be around the office please note we are not open for customer drop offs or repairs. We are back to full operations from Tuesday 4th January, thank you.

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