Monthly Archives: January 2011

iPhone 4 Front Glass Repairs

Posted ago by Kevin Orchard

Touted as stronger than previous models, the iPhone 4 still suffers from the weakness of any glass object and that is shattering, scratching, and cracking, perhaps from a tiny bit of miss use (you know who you are). Why is …

Holiday 3rd January 2011

Posted ago by Kevin Orchard

Just a reminder that the new year holiday falls on the 3rd of January. Although we will be around the office please note we are not open for customer drop offs or repairs. We are back to full operations from …

iPad Repairs Site

Posted ago by Kevin Orchard

Thank you for your patience whilst we have been updating our iPad service and support repair site. We are striving hard to continue on the services we have offered since the initial release of the iPAd in 2010. We are …