Easter Trading Hours Opening Times

Posted ago by Kevin Orchard

Just a quick note that we are open over Easter on the following days.

  • Friday – CLOSED
  • Saturday – 10am-2pm
  • Sunday – 10am-2pm
  • Monday – 10am-2pm

We will then commence normal trading hours after that with our usual 7 day support roster.

Remember that we offer a FREE quick system check on any device you wish to bring in. Just bring any device you are having issues with in and see one our technicians, who can have a look at the problems, advise of the most likely costs and solutions required, and then you have the option to continue to advanced diagnostics or attempted repairs. This service comes with absolutely no obligation to go ahead after the free quick check, and bookings aren’t required so pop in today.

Also note that we are now also repairing a large number of other phones, as opposed to our typical iPhone and iPad repair services. Whether you have a broken screen with your Samsung S3, your HTC isn’t charging, or your Google Nexus is having strange software issues, bring it in to us and we will provide the best advice and most applicable solutions for you.

If there is anything else we can assist you with in the meantime please let us know, otherwise we look forward to assisting you soon.

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Cheap Apple iPhone Rumours

Posted ago by Kevin Orchard

The recent rumours about Apple releasing a cheap iphone 4 version seem to losing even more traction lately. Many blogs and sites are continuing on the actions of Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, who told Chinese newspaper Shanghai Evening News in a recent interview that “cheap smartphones will never be the future of Apple products“. Whether Mr Schiller’s remarks are regarded Apple wide will remain to be seen.

Reuters and other highly prominent sources have reported that Apple has since dismissed the rumours and have denied subsequent reports. The chance though that Apple has considered a cheaper iPhone range, in light of the recent iPad mini, is not too much of a stretch of the imagination. Additionally it could be that Apple had concept work done on a smaller, cheaper iPhone, and subsequently cancelled the project.

It is still to be seen though if the cheap iPhone version will ever see light. Also it isn’t too hard to get an iPhone 4s for $0 on a cheap 24 month contract these days, especially since the iPhone 5 launch, so the need for a cheap iPhone version may not be such a high appeal item.

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Microsoft Office 2010 – 2 PC $275 RRP $379

Posted ago by Kevin Orchard

Over at Bat Tech you can pick up a copy of Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business for just $275, down from an RRP of $379 and typical street price of around $300. Limited stock but you can choose between pickup or express delivery. Click here for more details on Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business and enjoy the premium productivity business suite today. Alternatively give us a call on (02) 9698-9644 and let us arrange the sales for you with payments available on credit card, direct deposit, and payment on pickup. Just note for those wanting to pay via credit card and have items posted out we do need photo ID just to prevent against the current fraud tactics that are operating. You can also read more about Microsoft Office 2010 with full product specifications.

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010

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Apple Releases New Macbook Pro Upgrade

Posted ago by Kevin Orchard

For all those who weren’t up real early this morning, you may have missed the buzz around Apple’s updates to it’s product line at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Focusing on the Macbook Pro, it looks like the changes are more than just a simple speed and battery life increase. Some of the main features include the long discussed upgrade to a retina display which is likely to become the standard for most Apple products. With pixel sizes that are individually invisible to the naked eye, the overall display is well received as being very crisp and easy to read in many lighting conditions. The weight is likely to come down to around 2KGs which is still heavier than other Windows based laptops but, when you consider the overall build quality, is quite an achievement.  Making use of Intel’s newest architecture, the newer Macbook Pros will feature an i7 third generation processor and can be upgraded to a total of 16GB of RAM. 3 USB 3.0 connections will be available (backwards compatible with most legacy USB equipment), though we generally prefer four, but there is an HDMI connector which is a much welcomed addition.

It will be an interesting test to see if people are willing to pay the expected $2499 RRP in Australia at launch or await the inevitable price drop. Especially considering you can get very good Windows laptops for under the thousand dollar mark including extended 3 year’s warranty and typically a host of other features packed in including gaming graphics chips. As many companies are epxressing, the drop in consumer purchase growth with overall computer sales growth just 1.9 percent in the first quarter of this year. Apple is currently the third top computer maker in the USA with around a 10.6 share of the market, and is still out of the top 5 worldwide computer makers such as IBM and Dell (not including tablets).

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Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday Trading Sydney

Posted ago by Kevin Orchard

For all those still in and around Sydney we will also be open this Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday. We will be open Saturday 10:30am-3:30pm and Sunday 10:00am-1:30pm. If you require same day service please call ahead to ensure we can fit you in or if you simply want to drop something off fell free to call in anytime between those hours. We hope everyone has a happy and safe Easter and as always should you have any further queries you can email us at info@fixmyipad.com.au or call us on (02) 9037-5556.

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Zune music streaming comes to Australia to challenge Apple

Posted ago by Kevin Orchard

Apple is now challenged by Microsoft as they introduce Zune Music streaming service to Australia. Zune Music Pass or the “all-you-can-eat music service,” is available for an AU $11.99 monthly subscription fee or AU $119.90 subscription fee which is valid for one year. A 14-day trial period is also available for those who’d want to try Zune for free.

The Zune Music Pass will soon stream music videos on Windows-PC and Xbox LIVE. The service will soon be available later this year.

The Zune Marketplace was also launched by Microsoft. People without the Zune Pass subscription can purchase and download songs or albums through the marketplace. The downloaded songs and albums will then be accessible through their Windows PC and Phone.

Microsoft is not only taking on Apple but also all the other companies who have started offering the same services this year. They will also be challenging Samsung Music Hub, Guvera, Sony Music Unlimited and JB NOW, JB-HiFi’s soon to be launched online service.

David McLean, Microsoft’s director on consumer channels group, said “We are giving Australians the option to choose how they want to organise their music collections.”

“They can stream unlimited songs across their favourite devices with the Zune Music Pass, or buy tracks to own and collect with the Music Marketplace, so whichever their preference, we have an option for them.

“Australians have such a strong passion for music and it is an important part of the entertainment mix – we are thrilled to bring this service to Australia and give people alternatives in how they wish to play their favourite songs.”

Five years ago Microsoft launched Zune player, the product which was supposed to challenge iPod. Zune player however failed and is no longer being produced. Microsoft is now focusing on their new product, Windows Phone.

The Zune Music Marketplace and Zune Music Pass will be joining Microsoft’s other service, Zune Movies. Any smartphone or Xbox can use Zune Music. It is also available through the Zune website.

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Retailer sells Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 despite Apple injunction

Posted ago by Kevin Orchard

An Australian judge has given Apple a temporary injunction against Samsung last October. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 was banned from being sold in Australia but the court order wasn’t able to stop some defiant Australian companies.

Australian retailers have done so by selling the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet online. The tablets were not in Australia, they were in some other country and the products were then just shipped to Australian consumers after they were bought online.

The Australian retailer dMavo did just this. They made a company in Europe and shipped the Samsung tablets from Asia. An interview published in the Sydney Morning Herald has Wojtek Czarnocki; dMavo’s managing director, saying, “We have a new entity established and a separate server – just to deal with the tablet orders – that is undergoing testing as of last Saturday.”

dMavo has used the loophole to their advantage. With regards to Apple suing them Czarnocki just said, “Was Apple just bluffing or do they really want to play the cat and mouse game? We’re up for it.”

Apple has been filing lawsuits against other companies like Samsung and Motorola. Google, the company behind Android has also been helping companies who have been using their operating systems. Google’s lawyers have their defense prepared arguing that patent protection granted were too broad and vague, that some ideas were unoriginal and just passed off as inventions.

Apple’s temporary injunction on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is in full effect unless a full hearing is conducted which would tell if ever Samsung did “slavishly copied” the iPad. Samsung’s appeal is to be heard on November 25 in the Federal Court by Justices John Doswett, Lindsay Foster and David Yates.

The cost Czarnocki paid for the new entity was “next to nothing” in contrast to the profits they’re earning from the continuous sale of Samsung’s tablets. dMavo has sold a lot since doing so. With regards to their sales Czarnocki just said, “To be honest with you, we’ve stopped counting … our servers were almost collapsing on a number of occasions.”

Mark Summerfield, a senior associate and patent specialist at Melbourne law firm Watermark, thinks that what dMavo did was risky saying that all Apple has to do was extend the temporary injunctions to online sellers who are selling the Samsung Galaxy tablet in Australia even if they were based overseas.

The enforcement of Apple’s injunction however could be hard since they have to also file the injunction to the country where the tablets were shipped from. Summerfield commented, “I am curious to know whether they [dMavo] have actually obtained any advice from an experienced patent lawyer, because their strategy strikes me as risky. Moving the business unit, and the servers, offshore does not absolve them of liability for patent infringement in Australia. The acts of selling to Australian purchasers, and importing infringing products into the country, remain actionable as infringements.”

Summerfield sees any off shore company which is still owned and being profited by an Australian company is still “potentially problematic”. Summerfield added, “In this case, the Australian connections (corporate and individual) could be held liable for infringement, costs and damages. In my view, dMavo have significantly increased their risk by the very public stand they have taken.”

Summerfield thinks that Apple is now obligated to act against the Australian retailer to avoid looking weak. The Australian judges will also be obligated to find ways to punish dMavo and set an example “that the courts retain their authority”.

Summerfield also cited an example about companies who failed to follow orders or come to answer allegations regarding the offense. “In June last year three people were jailed (one of them for three years) for contempt, after ignoring Federal Court injunctions relating to copyright and trademark infringement. Company directors are not immune from personal liability for decisions made on behalf of a company.”

Czarnocki however is confident having received legal advice. He believes his company in Australia would not be held liable with the operations of his new company overseas. He trusts that he can still sell until Samsung’s appeal. “Now that the appeal to the full bench is listed for November 25, Apple would have to convince the court that a hearing against us is needed before that date. We’d be amazed, though not unprepared, should that occur.”

Another retail company Harvey Norman has told The Australian of doing just what dMavo did. Norman wants to tap into the sales monopolized by online sellers not paying GST.

As to how far Apple will go to stop sellers from selling the Galaxy Tab; this will just have to wait on the coming days.

Software companies have long been using patent as a means to prevent other competitors from selling. Tim Porter, Google’s patent lawyer commented about the progress of inventions due to distracting litigations. In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle this week he shared, “You can look at the development of the software industry and see a point when [software wasn’t being patented] and it was a period of intense innovation.”

“You didn’t see Microsoft’s first software patent until 1988. By that time it had come out with Word, not to mention DOS. So there’s just no question you can look back and see that innovation happens without patents. It’s also true that since there weren’t patents, there wasn’t software patent litigation.”

Porter also commented on Microsoft against Linux in the past, saying, “When their products stop succeeding in the marketplace, when they get marginalised, as is happening now with Android, they use the large patent portfolio they’ve built up to get revenue from the success of other companies’ products.”

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iPhone 4s Australia Launch

Posted ago by Kevin Orchard

Well that day has come surprisingly quick for the world’s first iPhone 4s release – Australia! Today, the 14th October, Apple will officially start retailing the supped up iPhone 4 sporting, amongst other things, a better battery and camera. Is it worth it to those already using an iPhone 4? Probably not if you aren’t due for an upgrade. If your plan is up soon though it may be worth seeing what your carrier can do for you. Keep in mind that the demand for the new iPhone 4s has surprised even Apple and stock is going to be extremely tight. Even Telstra staff have been told to wait over 2 weeks until they can get their staff discounted items. Optus is trying to gain further traction in the market by offering discounted iPhone 4s plans, though for the additional $5 or so a month we would prefer to stick with Telstra’s superior network. For those who pre-ordered through one of the major carriers the chance of receiving the iPhone 4s in the short term is relatively good, but for those that miss out and are left empty handed in one of Apple’s stores, the wait may not be too bad with many of the component manufacturers, such as Foxconn, reporting they will have no issues meeting Apple’s supply demands. The iPhone 4s will be an interesting launch too with Samsung fiercely trying to disrupt the launch and tout their Galaxy range of phones, though their recent injunction against them for their tablet, delivered by the Supreme Court, may dent their market strategy in the short term. All in all the competition should benefit customers and innovation alike.

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Sony Recruit IT Security Boss After Hacking Attack

Posted ago by Kevin Orchard

Following in the wake of the disastrous and damaging attack on their gaming network platform, Sony have finalised the recruitment of ex US National Cyber Security Centre Philip Reitinger. After the attack, which affected over 100 million account holders and left the network down for weeks, Sony was criticised for their lack of preparation and encryption of data and processes that allowed the attackers to gain access. Mr Reitenger has been hired as Senior Vice President to report to the Global Tech’s General Counsel Nicole Seligman, with tasks likely to include an audit of the current network environment, planning, and implementation for improvements. The attack on Sony’s network has not just been a public relations nightmare, but additionally the share price has more than halved since the hacking details where released on April 27, leading to large financial losses for the majority shareholders of the firm. Some have suggested the appointment has been long overdue but a good step in Sony facing the non-localised threats facing the world’s largest corporations who are facing constant attacks on their networks. The cyber war is well and truly in full swing.

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Cheap iPad 2 Australia On Sale

Posted ago by Kevin Orchard

Just looking through today’s paper and noticed that JB Hi-Fi is having a sale on iPad 2s. All models of WiFi and 3G versions seem on sale so may be a good time to get one if you have been deliberating. As always there are cheaper prices overseas just keep in mind Apple may not accept warranty claims on OS bought iPads (and other Apple products for that matter) and also any sales disputes can be a bit of a pain to get resolved. Not sure on the stock levels Jbs would be carrying so recommend giving them a call first. You can get their number and locations from the website and I won’t post a link here as I am sure you can work out their website yourself – and if you can’t I would have to ask how you made it this far…. Also check out the Pinball game on iPad 2, sheer enjoyment. Enjoy.


PS Feel free to comment below where you have found a great price on your Apple devices.

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