The recent rumours about Apple releasing a cheap iphone 4 version seem to losing even more traction lately. Many blogs and sites are continuing on the actions of Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, who told Chinese newspaper Shanghai Evening News in a recent interview that “cheap smartphones will never be the future of Apple products“. Whether Mr Schiller’s remarks are regarded Apple wide will remain to be seen.

Reuters and other highly prominent sources have reported that Apple has since dismissed the rumours and have denied subsequent reports. The chance though that Apple has considered a cheaper iPhone range, in light of the recent iPad mini, is not too much of a stretch of the imagination. Additionally it could be that Apple had concept work done on a smaller, cheaper iPhone, and subsequently cancelled the project.

It is still to be seen though if the cheap iPhone version will ever see light. Also it isn’t too hard to get an iPhone 4s for $0 on a cheap 24 month contract these days, especially since the iPhone 5 launch, so the need for a cheap iPhone version may not be such a high appeal item.