Apple Macbook Pro Repairs Sydney

Looking for a complete Apple Macbook Pro repair service in Sydney? We can repair all types of Macbook and Macbook Pro systems from the older G5 systems up to today’s Quad-Core sporting, Apple power houses. Our complete Apple repairs department can service all types of Apple devices including iMac, Macbook, Mac Pro and Mac mini. Call us on (02) 9698-9644  and let us know how we can help you today.

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Apple Macbook Water Damage

If your Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro has sustained liquid damage it is important to have the system looked at as soon as possible. We have repaired systems for only a few hundred dollars where Apple has quoted over two thousand dollars. This appears to be a consistent response from other Apple repair centres preferring to try and sell a new system than fix your current one. As we service the motherboard itself and can replace individual damaged components we can not only save you quite literally thousands of dollar, we can usually return the system to it’s pre damaged state.

Apple Macbook LCD Repairs

We provide a complete repair service when your Apple Macbook LCD is not displaying items correctly. We also offer Apple Macbook LCD replacements for damaged and cracked Apple Macbook screen LCD displays. We can usually offer repairs far cheaper than other Apple repair centres with no difference in quality, specifications, or design. If the problem relates to the mainboard or graphics card, we can trace it to the source of the problem and attempt advanced component level repairs saving you the possible thousands of replacing the system itself.

Other Apple Macbook Pro Repairs

Our Apple Service & Repair Centre in Sydney additionally caters for all other types of repairs for your Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro systems. Most repairs are completed in only a few days (part time dependant) and by offering advanced repair services we can save you thousands and offer a much more effective solution than replacing the system.

Call us on (02) 9698-9644 and let us know how we can help with your Apple repairs today. Additionally our About Us page has our full contact, location details and opening times, and complete our easy contact form on our Contact Us.