iPhone Repairs Sydney

Looking for professional, same day, and proven Apple iPhone Repairs in Sydney? Our Apple iPhone repair department can repair damage and issues with all iPhone models and versions from software problems, iCloud setup, to the typical smashed screen glass and display issues. Simply contact us on (02) 9698-9644 or view our Contact Us page for complete contact details and opening times and location.

Don’t just use anyone for your iPhone repair, trust us with;

  • Complete repairs from mobile devices to Mac Pro desktop systems
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Broken iPhone front glass screen

A common repair type, the front glass of the iPhones, while durable, are still a weakness if the phone is dropped or suffers other damage. The front glass includes the digitiser which is the touch component of the iPhone and usually problems with the touch response will also be resolved by replacing the front glass. Most iPhone front glass repairs are completed same day with a six month warranty. Additionally the parts used are the same quality and specifications as the original iPhone front glass screen.

Broken iPhone LCD

A broken iPhone LCD is characterised by white or strange lines, a totally white screen, or other distorted images. We can replace damaged LCDs on all models and versions. Most LCD repairs can be completed same day and come with a 6 month warranty on parts and labour. Additionally all parts used are quality assured with no difference in quality or specifications to the original iPhone LCD part.

Other iPhone Repair Needs

We can also repair all other types of iPhone issues including speaker and earphone issues, charging and battery problems, water damage and general error messages and faults. All work is completed with a 6 month warranty and all parts are the same quality and to specification as the original parts.

Contact us on (02) 9698-9644 or view our Contact Us page for full contact and location details and opening times.