Apple is now challenged by Microsoft as they introduce Zune Music streaming service to Australia. Zune Music Pass or the “all-you-can-eat music service,” is available for an AU $11.99 monthly subscription fee or AU $119.90 subscription fee which is valid for one year. A 14-day trial period is also available for those who’d want to try Zune for free.

The Zune Music Pass will soon stream music videos on Windows-PC and Xbox LIVE. The service will soon be available later this year.

The Zune Marketplace was also launched by Microsoft. People without the Zune Pass subscription can purchase and download songs or albums through the marketplace. The downloaded songs and albums will then be accessible through their Windows PC and Phone.

Microsoft is not only taking on Apple but also all the other companies who have started offering the same services this year. They will also be challenging Samsung Music Hub, Guvera, Sony Music Unlimited and JB NOW, JB-HiFi’s soon to be launched online service.

David McLean, Microsoft’s director on consumer channels group, said “We are giving Australians the option to choose how they want to organise their music collections.”

“They can stream unlimited songs across their favourite devices with the Zune Music Pass, or buy tracks to own and collect with the Music Marketplace, so whichever their preference, we have an option for them.

“Australians have such a strong passion for music and it is an important part of the entertainment mix – we are thrilled to bring this service to Australia and give people alternatives in how they wish to play their favourite songs.”

Five years ago Microsoft launched Zune player, the product which was supposed to challenge iPod. Zune player however failed and is no longer being produced. Microsoft is now focusing on their new product, Windows Phone.

The Zune Music Marketplace and Zune Music Pass will be joining Microsoft’s other service, Zune Movies. Any smartphone or Xbox can use Zune Music. It is also available through the Zune website.