Well that day has come surprisingly quick for the world’s first iPhone 4s release – Australia! Today, the 14th October, Apple will officially start retailing the supped up iPhone 4 sporting, amongst other things, a better battery and camera. Is it worth it to those already using an iPhone 4? Probably not if you aren’t due for an upgrade. If your plan is up soon though it may be worth seeing what your carrier can do for you. Keep in mind that the demand for the new iPhone 4s has surprised even Apple and stock is going to be extremely tight. Even Telstra staff have been told to wait over 2 weeks until they can get their staff discounted items. Optus is trying to gain further traction in the market by offering discounted iPhone 4s plans, though for the additional $5 or so a month we would prefer to stick with Telstra’s superior network. For those who pre-ordered through one of the major carriers the chance of receiving the iPhone 4s in the short term is relatively good, but for those that miss out and are left empty handed in one of Apple’s stores, the wait may not be too bad with many of the component manufacturers, such as Foxconn, reporting they will have no issues meeting Apple’s supply demands. The iPhone 4s will be an interesting launch too with Samsung fiercely trying to disrupt the launch and tout their Galaxy range of phones, though their recent injunction against them for their tablet, delivered by the Supreme Court, may dent their market strategy in the short term. All in all the competition should benefit customers and innovation alike.