Following in the wake of the disastrous and damaging attack on their gaming network platform, Sony have finalised the recruitment of ex US National Cyber Security Centre Philip Reitinger. After the attack, which affected over 100 million account holders and left the network down for weeks, Sony was criticised for their lack of preparation and encryption of data and processes that allowed the attackers to gain access. Mr Reitenger has been hired as Senior Vice President to report to the Global Tech’s General Counsel Nicole Seligman, with tasks likely to include an audit of the current network environment, planning, and implementation for improvements. The attack on Sony’s network has not just been a public relations nightmare, but additionally the share price has more than halved since the hacking details where released on April 27, leading to large financial losses for the majority shareholders of the firm. Some have suggested the appointment has been long overdue but a good step in Sony facing the non-localised threats facing the world’s largest corporations who are facing constant attacks on their networks. The cyber war is well and truly in full swing.